Brief Overview

~ Network

Swerve & Renaissance will be launching our network soon.   
We offer network subscription packages that provide access to Swerve.Land, Uplift, Therapeutic XR, & to 420 XR.
Subscribers are given early or exclusive access to a range of content and experiences.
We have various packages specifically designed for individuals, companies, orgs, and gov.

Subscribers will be able to access certain areas, content & experiences via the following devices:
Phones, tablets, laptops/desktops, TV (via Apple Airplay or Chromecasting), VR headsets & AR glasses. 
More details of the offerings in our subscriptions, and pricing info, will be available soon.
If you have any questions  > Contact us here.

- Deep Immersion -
Subscribers who choose our Deep Immersion package are provided VR headsets or AR glasses.
Our deluxe packages include both a VR headset and AR glasses, or multiples of both, for teams.
These VR & AR experiences are transformative and wonderful.
Our Deep Immersion experiences will also be available to people and companies that already own their own VR headsets and/or AR glasses.

Convergence is our upcoming innovation, culture & business hub.
Initial prototyping will be rolled out in a special area of Swerve.Land.


When there is resonance, you know it.