~ Network

Swerve & Renaissance will be launching our Network soon.                
We offer Network subscription packages that provide access to Swerve.Land, Uplift, Therapeutic XR, & to 420 XR.
Subscribers are given early or exclusive access to a range of content and experiences.
They will be able to access certain areas, content & experiences via the following devices :
Phones, tablets, laptops/desktops, TV (via Apple Airplay or Chromecasting), VR headsets & AR glasses.
Network Subscription Features & Pricing.
We have various subscription packages specifically designed for individuals, companies, orgs, and gov.

More details of the offerings in our subscriptions will be available soon.

Pricing for our subscription packages is based on features requested, access priority and # of users.
Or, if you purchase V Land, your subscription fee is waived.   .

V Land : Acres of Land.
We offer free Network subscriptions to people, companies or groups that purchase V Land from Renaissance.
  - See our V Land section for more information.  V Land is under X on the menu bar.

- Deep Immersion -.

Subscribers or purchasers of V Land who choose our Deep Immersion package are provided VR headsets or AR glasses.
Our deluxe packages include both a VR headset and AR glasses, or multiples of both, for teams.
These VR & AR experiences are transformative and wonderful.
Our Deep Immersion experiences will also be available to people and companies that already own their own VR headsets and/or AR glasses.

Convergence is our upcoming innovation, culture & business hub.
Initial prototyping will be rolled out in a special area of Swerve.Land.


When there is resonance, you know it.