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Enviro & Social Initiatives
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Subscriptions : We give 10% of our Access / Network subscription sales to various Orgs doing good work.
     We have temporarily increased our percentage of sales that we will donate to various Orgs.
     Up to 20% on some of our subscription packages.
     Part of these additional funds are going directly towards Orgs that focus on the Ukraine crisis.
     The rest of the additional funds go to other Orgs we support.
     The specific amounts can be found on our Access & Business Access pages.

V World : We will give 10% of our upcoming V World sales to various Orgs doing good work...  
    More details will be added to this page soon, including more information about V World, and more Orgs we will contribute to.,

Regular financial contributions will be made to Orgs in these areas :

  IsolatedTree3Cut1-221x300.png  The Planting of Trees  :  Our planet urgently needs more trees & forests.
           5% of our sales go to the tree planting part of our mandate.
             Links to two Orgs we will contribute to :           (More Orgs are under consideration.).    
Eden Reforestation Projects            Trees for the Future .
           5% of our sales are divided amongst the Orgs below :.

- Humanitarian Relief : Current Focus is on Ukraine & Ukrainian Refugees.
   Org Links :    World Central Kitchen      Help Age International     (more links coming later.).
- Food Banks  :  Food Security
  Org Links :   Food Banks Canada      Feed The Children / USA      
The Global Food Banking Network .

- Orgs and Campaigns supporting Mental Wellness & Emotional Wellness
   - Links coming later

- Orgs providing support to people with ALS, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's & MNDs (motor neuron diseases)
    Org Links :   
I AM ALS      ALS Society of Canada      Alzheimer Society Canada       Alzheimer's Association USA .
- Orgs and campaigns advocating for people with ALS, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's & MNDs .
- Orgs, Co's, & Researchers focusing on cures or improved quality of life for people with :
                                 ALS, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's & MNDs    - Links coming later 

- Nature Conservancy
   Org Links :  Nature Conservancy of Canada     The Nature Conservancy (USA & Global)      Jane Goodall Institute       

- Animal Rescue & Animal Sanctuary
  Org Links : .  Hope for Paws (USA)       Promised Land (Canada)      DAR Animal Rescue (Greece)       - more links coming later

Other areas are under consideration for either financial contributions,
or to receive exposure thru our various initiatives.
Culture  .
We are looking carefully at the arts.
Supporting smart ways that can further empower various kinds of artists.
To begin, Renaissance will use some of it's profits purchase art work & NFTs of artists.
Entrepreneurship .
Another area we are looking at is entrepreneurship.
Supporting smart ways that can further empower various kinds of entrepreneurs.

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