Brief Overview

Priorities & Roadmap
  May  2022

Our Swerve Network subscribers get to access certain content or initiatives before they are released.
Some content, films or experiences are only available for our Network subscribers.
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The initiatives below are being designed, built and created by the core teams at Swerve & Renaissance. .
For certain elements, partnerships or 3rd party companies will be involved.
- App : Release of the alpha version of the Swerve.Land / Therapeutic XR app to our Network subscribers,.
  will take place in early 2023. 
Initial release for laptops/desktops, and then a streamlined port to VR & AR.

Priorities   BulbImageV4.03A-642x1024.png.

- Release of short films by Swerve.Land and short films by WLDC :  ✓  Done
- Launch of SwerveALS.Org and release of first short film about ALS :  ✓  Done 
- Launch of Swerve.Org :  ✓  Done

May to June 2022
Uplift  :  Prep & soft launch of Uplift in June 2022.  Full launch in Autumn 2022.
Grace  :  Prep & soft launch of Grace in June 2022.  Full launch in Autumn 2022.

Swerve.Land App

- Further design & dev of our app for laptops & desktops.  Further testing of porting to VR & AR

- Concept sketches & prototyping of V World within the Swerve.Land App 

- Early concept sketches & light prototyping of Therapeutic XR within the Swerve.Land App

July to December 2022

- Refining and expansion of Uplift and Grace

- Extensive dev of Swerve.Land App for laptops & desktops.  Port Swerve.Land to tablets/iPad.

- Ongoing dev & advancement of V World

- Therapeutic XR : Further design & dev of Therapeutic XR within Swerve.Land
  Begin simple concept build of standalone alpha versions of the Therapeutic XR App
  More details about Therapeutic XR Priorities & Roadmap are in the Therapeutic XR section 

- High Fidelity : More complex ports of high resolution versions of the Swerve.Land App to VR & AR

Early prototyping of Convergence within Swerve.Land

- Our 2023 section will be updated relatively soon

* 420
- Priorities & timelines related to the 420 venture are available upon request. 

A detailed Roadmap will be available to our core team, partners, and certain Swerve Network subscribers.
More information about our Priorities & Roadmap will be available on the upcoming Network website.

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