The present is where the future is imagined  shaped  &  built
            Grace          Grit          Groove          Purpose.

Vision  :  Swerve Pilot Project   

Therapeutic Dawn & Swerve.Land are breaking new ground :.
  uplift          recovery          innovation          imagination          wild          wonderful 

         If what we are advancing resonates,... you may have a great experience
             when exploring our upcoming projects/apps on your tv, laptop, tablet or phone,
                       or when you are wearing a VR / MR headset or AR glasses.
                                  Some of the good vibes will reverberate afterwards.
* We recommend you view Burn Bright, our short film, before or after reading this section.
The film will give you a visceral & informative sense of what we are advancing.  See Films + on the menu bar.

User experience is at our core.  Ease of use and clear interface design is essential.

We are agile, and are relentless on the key things that matter.

Creativity & innovation are in our bones.  We are grounded & have foresight.
We have a visceral understanding of the power, nuance & flow of the present moment.
There is some complexity and depth to what we are moving forward.  We thrive on that
We also have a deep appreciation and respect for simplicity, ease and flow.

 Certain key areas in the Swerve Pilot Project are being prioritized for advancement
 over the next 6 to 12 months, and over the next 2 years.

 As well, we also take a longer term view on our core vision and it's advancement and evolution.

                       > Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments .