Imagination x Code = Wonderful          - Swerve

Code is power.    Code is creativity & poetry.    Code is imagination.   Code is wonderful.
... within the distillation & advancement of all of the above,
                                           we are also taking a close look at AI.
- AI / artificial intelligence -
AI has been around and evolving for quite a while.
For various reasons, it is now in a period of rapid acceleration, adoption and advancement.
We are looking at how ai, ML/ machine learning, and generative visuals,
can potentially add benefit to Therapeutic dawn & Swerve.Land.
As part of this process, we are looking thoroughly at the overall business, ethics and safety aspects of AI.
To further it's potential use within our current mandate, and also potentially for opportunities beyond that.
We think it's very important to deeply understand the ethical and safety aspects of AI. 
/ Swerve.