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Acres  &  Big Sky 
   What's below    :    V World          Dig          Design          NFTs .
V World   . 
V Land is virtual land & environments in V World that you can explore on your own or with friends.
Very high fidelity experiences.
They can be explored via the V World app, on your laptop/desktop or ipad/tablet.  Or in VR and AR.
Renaissance's Vivid division is leading on this initiative.
  - More info about V World & V Land is coming soon. * V World is the current working title for this initiative..

Our Dig division does deep dives into society, tech & digital.  Dig transforms foresight & vision into real.
Current and upcoming areas include :
  XR - VR - AR     Social     Metaverse     Virtual Goods     Fintech     Blockchain   &   Crypto

Design : Design  |  NFTs
We are designing some beautiful things.
They can be downloaded for display on various screens. Including large TV's.
They can also be displayed in interesting environments we create for phones, tablets, laptops, and VR & AR.
Some of our work will be available as NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens.  NFT's are in the midst of an interesting wave & evolution.
We are on it.   We'll be in it.
 This page is in early draft mode. .
 Update coming relatively soon.

High Fidelity.
You might be amazed.