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 Business Access   :   Impact
    ~ Swerve Network

Swerve has soft launched phase 1 the Swerve Network.

We offer Impact subscription packages for businesses, that provide access to :



                                Swerve.Land   |   V World   |    Convergence

These initiatives are at various stages of development..

Business Subscribers are given early or exclusive access to a range of content & experiences, and opportunities :
Uplift soft launches for our subscribers in mid June, 2022. Short films & more.  See uplift under Core on the top menu bar.

Grace soft launches for our subscribers at the end of June, 2022.  See Grace under Core on the top menu bar.
- Grace <> ALS / Lou Gehrig's disease  : Films.
Grace's mandate focuses on Life, Getting Older, and on ALS.
We've released a rough draft of a 2 minute film about ALS.  See our Grace section.
Work continues on the preparation for the creation of 4 more short films about ALS.
Subscribers get updates about the process, and get to view the films before their wider release.
These films are part of our ALS mandate, which includes working with others to accelerate access
to important drugs for people with ALS, and to support people with ALS in other ways.
Articles, musings & insights about Digital, VR & AR, Interweb, Metaverse, Consciousness & Awareness :
will be first available for our subscribers, on our upcoming password protected website.
These will be published over the summer & autumn of 2022, and in 2023.
- Convergence : For our business subscribers only.
Additional insights and articles related to the areas listed above, and how they will impact business.
Convergence is also a division of Renaissance that is working on a stealth project called X.
More info further down this page.
Swerve.Land / Therapeutic XRapp. 
Release of the alpha version of the Swerve.Land / Therapeutic XR app to our Network subscribers,

will take place in December 2022 or early 2023.    (V World is related to Swerve.Land.)

At this alpha stage, Swerve.Land is the core, and there will be a special area within it for Therapeutic XR.
See our Roadmap, under H on the menu bar, for a timeline overview.
You will be able to access certain areas, content & experiences via the following devices :
Phones, tablets, laptops/desktops & TV (via Apple Airplay or Chromecasting).
In phase 2 of the Swerve Network, certain experiences will also be available via VR headsets & AR glasses.
*  Below is a beta draft version of this page.  Some of the info will be further refined.

Curiosity         Compassion         Foresight         Entrepreneurial         Awareness        Grit
   Trail Blazer         Creative         Risk Taker         Joy         Rebel

If you relate to one or more of these qualities above ↑, then you or your company are likely to enjoy or benefit from aspects of what we are advancing.

Impact is the name of our Swerve Network Business subscription packages..
Click Contact us in the menu bar to subscribe or to ask any questions.
If you don't want to subscribe, and do want to support our vision with a $ contribution, please contact us.

We give 10% to 20% of sales of each package to various Orgs. Our pricing page goes into more detail about this..
Package Overview

BlueWaterHeadRen1Network2020HomeSliderT8-767x574.jpg   Business  :  Convergence
There is overlap between what we offer in our personal subscriptions and our business subscriptions..
The two additional features included with our business subscriptions to the Swerve Network are :.
    Convergence     &     
Alignment with our Tree Planting Initiative.
Convergence is a virtual space and virtual world that focuses on innovation, business & culture..
This includes networking, so teams and groups can meet within the space.
Early prototyping and explorations of Convergence will happen in a special area within the 500 miles of Swerve.Land.
Convergence is also a think tank that does deep dives and thinking about innovation and business,
with an emphasis on the intersection of digital and the physical world.
Papers, articles insights & foresights emanating from Convergence are shared with business subscribers.
We are working on a stealth initiative related to Convergence.  It's called X..
                            X  :  Larger image of this is at bottom of the page.

Tree Planting Initiative.
Business subscribers can directly participate in our Tree Planting Initiative, if they want to.
This can be done privately, or businesses can choose to be listed on our upcoming Trees website,
and get name exposure thru our upcoming campaigns related to this initiative. 
The essence of what’s being offered here is a wonderful explore experience...
via the various films, writing, content and app initiatives we are advancing.

Subscribing to our Network also supports the advancement of Uplift, Grace / Swerve ALS,
Therapeutic XR and Swerve.Land, the creation of more films and writing,
and supports our Enviro & Social initiatives.

Films +.
There is something powerful, profound and immersive in film, sound, writing and music.  Art & Culture.
We love creating and co-creating in these areas.

This is also a journey into the current and upcoming world of XR VR & AR,
with foresight and direct experience of what’s coming in the future.
We have the audacity to say we can take you into the future, in part,
because the future of XR VR & AR is already explorable, 
if you choose the right team, hardware & software.

Subscribing to the Swerve Network can give you insights and hands on experience in XR VR & AR,.
and access to our vision and builds related to this realm, and how it will intersect with :
Healthcare     Wellness     Entertainment     Education     Retail     Business     Ecommerce   &   more. 

We offer a choice of the Deep Immersion upgrade add-on in certain subscription packages,
where you are provided a VR headset and/or AR glasses.
This is an excellent starting point to get a feel for VR & AR.
We provide support in choosing the right hardware for this, and recommend various 3rd party apps for exploration. 
In Phase 2 of the Swerve Network, the Deep Immersion upgrade will give you access
to the alpha versions of our apps that have been ported to VR & AR.

- Custom Spaces -.
Relatively soon, we will offer custom 3d space creation.

Our team works closely with you to create beautiful immersive spaces,
that you can explore on your own, or invite team members, clients or friends to join you.
One person could be using a laptop, and another person on a desktop 10,000 miles away.
One person can be on a laptop, another using VR, and another using AR glasses.
Up to 10 people can meet at one time. There's potential here for many more people than that.
We will offer a wide range of spaces we can custom build. For personal or business use.




V Opportunity : Ripple Effects
All Swerve Network subscribers will be given early access to our upcoming V Opportunity.
We are currently modelling a strategic approach for the future release of the finished version of V World.
Looking at a range of approaches and options that will be beneficial for our subscribers.
We are looking at business models that are designed to bring in passive income for subscribers want to participate.
Additional V Opportunity details will be available for subscribers only.

   Scroll down to see an image + a screenshot from Convergence

Artist sketch for an upcoming Convergence initiative.
An immersive experience.   In stealth mode.
The  X  app experience will be viewable on tablets, laptops, desktop, and in VR & AR.