Compassion                Consciousness                Enlightenment   
Grace             Grit             Empowerment             Purpose
   Life           Getting Older           ALS.   
We will be releasing a range of content related to the areas above.
Various short films, writing, visual designs and digital posters.  A short film trailer about Grace is in the works.
Part of our mandate is to co-create with people who have certain conditions, + their families & caregivers.
Grace has launched our SwerveALS.Org website and ALS twitter feed.  Links are in our ALS section further down this page.  
The Grace website will launch in Autumn 2022.     

Grace will release 6 short films during 2022 and 2023.
One short film for our Life series, 4 short films about ALS, and a short film about Getting Older.
We've released a short film about ALS, called Med Access.  More info about it further down in our ALS section.
Our films in our Films +  section, will give you a small slice of our creative capacity..
Our creative and communication approach for creating the content for Grace,
will reflect the core needs and goals of the people and specific objectives related to each condition.   
Our Grace mandate also includes highlighting and bringing attention to various Orgs & people doing good work.
  Our initial primary focus is these 3 areas below :        Life            Getting Older           ALS.

If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home. - Rumi
You are aware and alive. Life is not an abstract concept..
It's right here in this flowing moment, as you read these words.
We’ve got some potent things in the works related to Life, including a 10 minute film we are working on.
The film is called Life.  (Volume 1. Part of a series. The film is a collaboration between Grace & Uplift.)

Getting Older
We are all getting older. Parents and loved ones are getting older.
There are wonderful and also challenging things related to getting older.
In November 2022, work will begin on a short film about this getting older process. Release date will be in 2023.
This film is connected to our Therapeutic XR initiative. 


ALS / Lou Gehrig's disease is extremely devastating and fatal.
Two members of our core team have a very close family member that has had ALS for 8 years.
We will release 4 short films related to ALS during 2022 & 2023.
–  Med Access : This film highlights the urgency of people with ALS,
   that want immediate access to the drug, NurOwn, and other drugs. A rough cut of this film has been released.
       FilmCameraSM1Grey.pngClick > here to see a rough cut of the Med Access film. It's 2 minutes long..
– Our 3 other short other films will focus on other aspects of ALS, including from the perspectives of people with ALS..
We have launched our ALS website.  Click > here to open SwerveALS.Org in a new browser window.
A rough cut of our Med Access short film is also on the site.
The site also has more detailed info about our Mandate.
Twitter : Click > here for The SwerveALS.Org twitter feed. 
Our ALS Mandate :.

1. Work independently and with others on social media to support people with ALS, their families and caregivers.
     We currently do this on twitter.  We are going to ramp up our focus and efforts here.
     There is a vibrant & wonderful ALS community on twitter.
2. Work independently and with others to accelerate access to experimental drugs, especially NurOwn,
     and to advocate for various additional things that people with ALS need.

3. Create content that is empowering and uplifting for people with ALS, their families and caregivers.

4. Co-create content with people with ALS, their families, and caregivers.
    Including people with ALS that cannot speak and/or are paralyzed or almost fully paralysed.
    We know many people with ALS who are posting important posts, vibes and ideas on twitter.
    Some of them cannot speak with their spoken voice.
    Some are so paralyzed, they use their eyes, with eye tracking tech, to type.
    These people are freakin' awesome & inspiring.

Some Grace film rough edits will first be made available for subscribers to the Swerve Network.
All finished work will be posted on our website and social media.
As Grace advances, we will expand our mandate and team, so we can bring the Grace vision to other conditions..
This will happen within our Therapeutic XR mandate, where our app will bring benefit in these areas : 
Getting Older        ALS        Cancer        Dementia        Paralysis        Terminal Illness        Palliative.

Scroll further down this page to see a couple of images.   
 Let's make the world a better place 


You are the beginning of indescribable transformation.