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Therapeutic XR    


Life  :  Journey  :  Now.

Josh here. Welcome to Therapeutic XR.
The origins of the Therapeutic XR vision come out of various explorations & experiences I've had over the last 35+ years. I'm 56.
Primarily related to mindfulness, inquiry, adventure, creativity, awareness, pain, pleasure, enlightenment, compassion,
healing, the opening of the heart & mind...   and related to life & death...   & the vitality of the present moment.
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Most people know someone who has had minor or major health conditions or challenges,
or know someone who currently does.
Many of us have had our own challenges, to varying degrees.

For the many people who currently have health challenges.
It can be a difficult & intense process for the person who does,
and difficult & intense, in a different way, for their family and friends.

Our Therapeutic XR mandate is to bring some benefit & uplift to people facing these challenges.
You will see a broad range of conditions or illnesses below.
Our plan is for many of our core offerings & features to be applicable for most of these groups.
We may need to make some changes, to reflect the needs of people with certain conditions.
Or possibly add some very specific features for certain groups.
Partnering with others is an important part of our strategy. This is a medium to long term initiative. 
We are confident, that over time, we can bring benefit to a significant number of people from the groups below.
 * Our app will be built out in 3 phases, in relation to the conditions below.  See Dev Phases in our menu..

Mental Health
Good mental health is vital for wellness, and for when facing various challenges in life.
Stress reduction is a significant way to improve mental health, as is experiencing emotional uplift.
There are a range of methods that we will be implementing in our app to address both. 
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences that improve mental health..
7 years ago, a person that I am very close to, collapsed at home, and was rushed to hospital.
He spent 6 months in hospital, and then moved to a long term acute care facility.
He was diagnosed with ALS, and we were told by his doctor that this is a terminal illness.

I have been visiting him pretty much every week, for the last 7 years. (Except during various Covid restrictions & lockdowns.)
He is a lovely man, and has a wonderful presence.
He is now almost fully paralyzed, on a vent 24/7, fed via gtube, and is losing his voice.
His spirit still burns bright, and his smile lights up the room.

During the last 7 years, I have met many wonderful people that live in the same acute care facility.
A number of them are quite paralyzed or severely paralyzed.
Some spend much of their waking hours lying in a bed. Basically, not moving.
Sometimes just able to move their eyes, or they can make minor facial expressions.
From what I understand,... , these are very vibrant, sensitive, intelligent and aware human beings.

I showed a relatively simple VR experience to someone i've gotten to know there, who has quite severe paralysis.
He was amazed and inspired by the experience. It was a powerful experience to see, hear and feel his positive reaction.
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for people who are paralyzed or severely paralyzed..

  BCI & Eye Tracking   :   Addressing Aspects of Paralysis   :   Neurons.
  We are looking at how BCI & Eye Tracking can potentially add additional benefit for people with various levels of paralysis.
  BCI is a device that can allow a severely paralyzed person to interact with software and/or physical devices using their mind & thoughts.
  We have been following the developments in this compelling area for almost a decade.
  Interfaces that use eye tracking are another way to give people with severe paralysis more control of our app experience.
  Our Special Projects division will soon begin initial testing & explorations in these areas, with a custom version of the Therapeutic XR app..
       As this moves forward, we will do some additional dev around, including adding medical robotic prosthetics to our research :
       Related to further understanding brain plasticity, neurons and neural pathways, and how integrating robotic prosthetics with BCI,
       and/or Eye Tracking might address aspects of paralysis, including creating new neural pathways, neuron protection or generation.
    New Neural Pathways  :  Neuron Protection  :  Neurogenesis.
             We will do research & exploration in this realm..
At this stage in my life, I have quite a few close relationships with people who are sometimes called seniors.
Perhaps you are in a similar situation, or are a senior yourself, or going to be, relatively soon. 
A significant number of seniors face a range of challenges as they continue to age.
Most of us are on track to become seniors.  
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for seniors..

Physical balance is vital for human mobility. 
Some seniors and some people with certain conditions have poor physical balance. 
This can trigger falls that can cause significant injury, which may require long recovery times. 
Therapeutic VR can be used to assess balance and help people train to improve balance.
Researchers at the University of Bath in the UK are doing research in this area:
Peer Reviewed News Release Link > Virtual Reality could help improve balance in older people
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create VR and AR experiences that improve physical balance..
  We will be doing more research in this area during Phase 1 of our App dev, and begin testing in our Phase 2.
Cancer affects many people in the world. It is sometimes a very challenging diagnosis and experience.
Perhaps you know someone who has had cancer, or has it now. 
I've known quite a few people who have had cancer, and I know some people who have it now. 
While cancer affects the body, the overall experience can be very stressful, and psychologically & emotionally challenging.   
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for people with cancer..

Neurological Conditions  :   ALS    dementia    Parkinson's    Alzheimer's
A number of years ago, a person I was very fond of, was diagnosed with Parkinson's.
During the later stages, it was a very difficult experience for him and his family, until he died.
A few years ago, someone very close to me was diagnosed with dementia..
This was a major challenge for him and our family.
There are many challenges for people with neurological conditions like ALS, Parkinson's, dementia and Alzheimers..
And many challenges for their loved ones and caregivers.
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for people with these neurological conditions..

Terminal Illness & Palliative
The person I mentioned above with dementia got quite sick during the 2020 Covid lockdown, and was hospitalized.
It was agony for myself and those close to him, that we were not allowed to visit him.
He took a turn for the worse and went into palliative care.
Some of us were able to have 1 last visit with him for 1 hour.
Some of us were refused final visits by the hospital.
He died 2 weeks later.  He was 93.
He lived a huge, beautiful and complex life.
- Part of our Therapeutic XR mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for people with terminal illnesses, or in palliative care..

My paddle swift & wide, flashing like silver,
Swift as the wild goose goes, dip, dip and swing,
dip, dip and swing.

Respect, gratitude and love to ZM & LM..
/ Josh. .

         Our goal for Therapeutic XR is for the app to inspire & motivate people in relation to some of the qualities below. .
           Our app will include foundational experiences & approaches that can be catalysts for some or many of these qualities: 
                   Inner Strength          Awareness          Creative          Appreciation

                          Recovery Assist          Empowerment          Feelin' Good

                                    Courage          Compassion          Wonderful

                                                       Uplift              Grace

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