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Therapeutic XR    
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   Dev Phases 1   2   3.    

Core : Phase 1

Our initial focus is general mood uplift, inspiration, stress relief, mindfulness, empowerment and relaxation.
This will include cognitive exercises, related to focus and naturally clearing the mind.
Potential use by a significant percentage of the population, including seniors.
How one feels, and one's overall attitude, can have a significant effect on one's overall wellness & life experience.
We will be consulting with a broad range of healthcare & wellness professionals, as an integral part of our dev process..
Some of them will become members of our team.
Our app will be available for a wide range of screens.  Phones, tablets, laptops, VR headsets, & AR glasses.
Initial testing of certain features of the app will happen within a special area of the Swerve.Land app.

Priorities & Roadmap
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Our app will be built out in 3 phases, over time, for broad use and for the various groups listed further below..

We are planning for the initial phase 1 beta version of our app to be ready by the end of 2022.
We are planning for various additional refinements and roll outs over a 24 month period, starting at the beginning of 2023.
Various aspects of what we are building are being designed, created and built by our team.
Due to the scope and depth of the initiative, we will also work closely with some key partners.  
Some of our therapies will be designed to be eligible for health insurance coverage in Canada and the USA. . 

More extensive information about what we are creating, and access to alpha versions of our Therapeutic XR app,.
will be made available for subscribers of our Renaissance network.

The following paragraph was included on our Conditions section. It's worth repeating :
You will see a broad range of conditions or illnesses below, in phase 2 & phase 3 of the dev of our app.
Our plan is for many of our core offerings & features to be applicable for most of these groups.
We may need to make some changes, to reflect the needs of people with certain conditions. 
Or possibly add some very specific features for certain groups.
Partnering with others is an important part of our strategy.
This is a medium to long term initiative. 
We are confident, that over time, we can bring benefit to a significant number of people from the groups below.

Phase 2
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Terminal Illness & Palliative

- We will further refine our app experience for use by people with terminal illnesses, and people in palliative care.

- We will customize our app for people who are partially or severely paralyzed, including people who have suffered strokes.
  This includes looking at integrating additional tech solutions that can empower people with paralysis.

- We will explore the potential benefit for people 
with neurological conditions :
  dementia, Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's.

Physical Therapies : During our phase 2 & phase 3 dev, we will add modalities related to physical therapies:
Related to motion, movement, balance & muscular function.

Phase 3
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Development focused on the groups below will begin after our 2nd major dev phase is complete.
Until then, we think that it is very likely that version 1 & 2 of our Therapeutic XR app
will be of benefit to some people in these groups below.


We will customize our app experience for use by people diagnosed with cancer.
Our initial approach here will be relatively simple.
With an emphasis on stress release, relaxation, creative stimulation and emotional uplift.

Caregivers, Family & Friends
Our team here knows, from our own experience, that when a person is ill or very ill, that this can be challenging,
or very challenging for caregivers, family and close friends.   

Frontline Healthcare Professionals
We have huge respect for this group of people.
If there was ever a time for society to find various ways to increase our support of these amazing people, it's now.

Presence & Setting :
Most hospital and Intensive Care Units are quite stark environments, that are not particularly comfortable or beautiful.
Members of our team have spent time in these environments, and acute care settings, visiting, or taking care of loved ones.
Bringing beautiful, immersive and stimulating visual & audio experiences to patients or residents in these settings
can be beneficial for stress release, distraction, emotional uplift and recovery.
The same can be said for seniors in nursing homes, retirement homes, or seniors who are isolated or bored at home. 

Therapeutic & Wellness
There are some features we are working on, outlined in our Overview section.
Here are a few additional features for the app we are considering and evaluating :

- A wellness experience could be as simple as listening to the sound of small waves lapping up against the side of a canoe.
  There is a particular calm and distinctiveness to this type of specific sound/experience.
  You might choose to listen to it with your headphones via our app on your phone.
  Or, say a person is in hospital for quite a long time. From their bed, or say, a Muskoka chair that a friend has dropped off,...
  They could put on a VR headset and be sitting on that Muskoka chair, on a virtual dock, and see a canoe tied up to the dock,
  with the canoe bobbing softly in the gentle waves on a virtual lake, with the sound of the waves soothing the person.   

- A slow moving camera moving thru a beautiful meadow, with a beautiful sound track that you have chosen.

- An experience where you put on a VR headset & have a deeply immersive experience in an old growth forest.
  Ibcluding the ability to be able to climb trees, or fly like a bird.
  Perhaps you decide to invite a friend, or friends, or your Mom or Dad, or a brother or sister, or kids, to join you there.
  Grandparents might be enthralled by this kind of an experience.

- A patient in an intensive care unit could put on Augmented Reality glasses, and have butterflies & dragonflies

  dancing in front of them to the sound of soothing music. A nice distraction from the austere setting of an ICU.

- We are considering other experiences, including those related to creativity, mindfulness & meditation

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