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Therapeutic XR    



        Scroll down for 2 screenshots from our alpha app, and a related visualization.
                                           - Additional screenshots are in the Swerve.Land section.


The image above is a screenshot from the next update of the alpha demo of our Swerve.Land realtime 3D app.
Nature can bring healing, uplift and relaxation. As can music and natural sounds. .
Our Therapeutic XR app will immerse you deeply in natural environments, and in other wonderful experiences.
Films, VR & AR.
Linear experiences that a person can simply watch, and interactive experiences one can engage with.
There is significant evidence that shows that people who are ill or stressed, can benefit from these kind of experiences.
Visualization #1 . 
If you are interested, take a close look at the forest & river in the screen shot above.
Picture yourself wearing a comfortable VR headset, and imagine that where ever you look, you see this forest.
It feels very immersive/3d, somewhat like a real forest.

Imagine that when you point your finger, you slowly move in the direction you are pointing at.
There is the sound of the forest around you. Birds, and a soft wind rustling thru the trees.
The sound of the river flowing.
A deer and her fawn walk slowly by. There is beauty and peace here.
Perhaps you then decide to invite a close friend to join you.
The two of you explore the forest together.  
Alternative Way to Explore:.
Or, after you invite your friend,...
within a few seconds, your friend appears in front of you (as a realistic looking avatar/model), and you enjoy the forest together.
Your friend chooses a beautiful piece of music, and the two of you have a wonderful shared experience.
This is just one example of what we are creating/building..    

The image above is a screenshot from the next update of our alpha demo of our Swerve.Land realtime 3D app.
We find this space to be very comfortable and inviting.  Relaxing.  Soothing.  Inspiring. .
A person might enjoy being in a virtual space like this on their own,
or as a virtual social space to meet a friend or friends, or their Mom, or brother.
A place to hear music, or to have a relaxed conversation.

When you are in this space, you can move around to get different views of the lake and forest.
There is a wonderful open concept living room with a comfortable couch and fireplace.
At the end of the living room are large sliding glass doors. 
One can walk outside and go into the Forest that is shown in the first screenshot.

Or, one could walk outside into...


Where would you like to go?
To the Himalayan Mountains?
To a lake?
To an Art Gallery where the Laws of Physics don't apply?
To a meadow with wild flowers?
To the Moon?  to Mars?  
If you can imagine it, we can build it.
We are imagining it, and we are building it.. 

VR : Virtual Reality .
We will offer this type of experience to all people who use our Therapeutic XR app.
It is potentially a very impactful experience for people who are severely paralyzed,
or in ICU, hospital, or acute long term care facilities, as these settings are often stark, and not warm and inviting.
AR : Augmented Reality .
AR is different than VR. You wear glasses that look alot like sunglasses.
You can still see the physical room that you are in.
The 3d models, movies and experience are layered within the view of the physical room.
They augment or are mixed with the view in front of you.
There is very significant potential here, in relation to our Therapeutic XR mandate.
More about this another time. 

     Click here for our Development Phases section