We are working on 2 short films right now.  More info about the films is in our Now section on the menu bar.
  * Each film will have an immersive 3D app experience connected to it.
        Life :   Vibe.   Uplift.   Awe.    10 minute short film. Trailer coming soon..
    Explore :   Awareness, vibe, tech, design, business, culture & flow.  10 minute short film. Trailer coming soon..
     * We are actively looking for supporters for these two films, Therapeutic XR, & our ALS advocacy initiative..
        See 'Support the Swerve Vision', under V on the menu bar. 
  Films +         3 film areas below  :       Renaissance           Swerve           Uplift          :  11 short films       .

  Renaissance films

A short film about aspects of our vision..(4 minutes).
Click on the image to see the film.       
If you find this film interesting, check out Wild.                             
                                        Wild  .
Film with vibe, about Swerve.Land & the Swerve Platform.
 (10 minutes). .

The film is a visceral & informative overview
about how our platform is used by Swerve.Land, Therapeutic XR, 420 & ℑ.

  Swerve Films   :   for Uplift 
Swerve will release a few short films each month, as part of our Uplift experience.  Uplift launches in Autumn 2022..
1. One of the films will be quotes from different people, that are read by Swerve. Here is a sample :.
    Wisdom and Love     click here to watch   (1 minute long)  :  Quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh & Leonard Cohen..
2. The other film is written and directed by Swerve, and voiceover by Swerve. Here are 2 samples below :.
          Stars Begin     click here to watch   (1 minute long).

               Flow                click here to watch   (3 minutes long).

   Uplift Films :  Films related to our upcoming Uplift campaign.
     6 short films below. + info about Life                         
                                           Livin'   .  
3 minute film that is upbeat..
Part of our Uplift initiative. This is the kind of film that will be available in our Therapeutic XR app.
We will have a wide range of films & content in this app.

FacesMarch1v1.jpgWhiteSpace3.png .
                                                Faces   .  
2 and half minute film that you may find surprising..
Part of our Uplift initiative, and will be available in our Therapeutic XR app.

Summer rainCut2.jpgWhiteSpace3.png .
                                   Summer Rain   .  
                               Energizing.   2 minute film.
Part of our Uplift initiative.  Good for our app.

reflections2cut.jpgWhiteSpace3.png .
                           Reflections   .  
2 and half minute film that is soothing and reflective..
Part of our Uplift initiative.  This is the kind of film that will be available in our Therapeutic XR app.

IlluminationMarch1v1.jpgWhiteSpace3.png .
                          illumination   .  
2 and half minute film.  You are lit up from the inside..
Part of our Uplift initiative. 

                                                Azure                                                               .  
           A pointing.   A meditation.   3 minute film.  . 

Swerve.Land is working on a series of short films, spoken word pieces, & written works..
Swerve is leading the creative team.
The current working title for this series is : x

  This series will be first released privately to subscribers of the Swerve Network.
  Then later on, some of the works will be released on our website and on public channels like YouTube & others. 
  More info about our upcoming Life film is in our Now section on the menu bar.

 Grace & Grit  1.13  

Screenshot from Wild film