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Wild  :  Swerve.Land  :  Swerve Platform

We have released a short film about Swerve.Land and the Swerve Platform: .
      The film is called Wild       
> click here to watch it .  
The film is a visceral & informative overview about how our platform is used by Swerve.Land, Therapeutic XR, 420 & ℑ..
We have a couple of other short films about our Platform & Swerve.Land that are in the works. 

Short films :   Azure    > click here

Swerve.Land is also working on a series of short films, spoken word pieces, & written works.
Swerve is leading the creative team.
The current working title for the series is : x

  This series will be first released privately to subscribers in the Renaissance network.
  Then later on, some of the works will be released on our website and on public channels like YouTube & others. 
  More info about Life coming soon.

WLDC is currently working on some short films.
They are a pleasure to watch.
A few of them will be released soon.

 Grace & Grit  1.09  

Screenshot from Wild film