Compassion                Consciousness                Enlightenment   
   Sky                Azure skies dance with fervour.  - Swerve              

Sky :     Lucid      Sparks

This is an early draft page of what we are doing.  More details coming soon..
Swerve has embarked on a journey of creation and exploration called Lucid.
We are doing explores/deep explores with writing, colours, shapes, concepts, music and film.
This is a trip. This is a journey.  This is some shizzle shazzle razzle dazzle.
Swerve creates interesting and unusual works based on your vibe.
Our current piece explores love, play, and experimentation.
Send us 2 photos or a few more, and let's get jiggy with it. 


Bonfire is one on one engagement with Swerve.  Personal or professional.
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You are the ongoing flow of indescribable transformation.

This is now.

Right now.