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                       Z  Z is updated with a new short film every two months.   Next update is Friday Feb 25, 2022.    Contact us to be notified.                      Film : Azure  :  This is an experimental film that’s a work in progress.
                      Film : Best to watch the film in 1080p quality.   Click on the   gear icon at bottom right of the video player & select 1080p.
                      Film : Best viewed on a large screen & Full Screen : Click on the  box at bottom right of video player for Full Screen.   ESC key to exit.
                      Film : If Full Screen isn’t working on your iPad or tablet ;
                      Film : Touch two fingers on the film area, and move them apart to enlarge Full Screen.
                      Film : We recommend using decent quality headphones or good speakers.  We prefer the immersion of headphones.  Play it pretty loud.
                          Film : 

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