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This is an early draft page of what we are doing.  More details coming soon..
Swerve has embarked on a journey of creation and exploration called Lucid.
We are doing explores/deep explores with writing, colours, shapes, concepts, music and film.
This is a trip. This is a journey. This is some shizzle shazzle razzle dazzle.
Swerve creates interesting and unusual works based on your vibe.
These are either short films, writing, or images.
Send us 2 photos or a few more, and/or some video clips, and we can co-create something wonderful.
Contact us for more information about the process and pricing.
Part of our mandate includes creating Spark films specifically for people with serious health conditions, palliative, or near end of life,
to give them and their friends and families some uplift, inspiration, and inner strength.
* We create these particular short films and don't charge any fees, as we know first hand, 
how challenging serious health conditions or palliative/end of life can be for people, their families, caregivers and friends.


Bonfire is one on one engagement with Swerve.  Personal or professional.
See Bonfire on the menu bar for more info.


You are the ongoing flow of indescribable transformation.

This is now.

Right now.