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   Trevor,  Lucy,  Tyrone,  Tanya,  Carla,  Noah,  Jennifer, Evelyn & Dina.
 - 5 potential scenarios below ↓ ; related to our upcoming Therapeutic Dawn app..
 - Larger version of the Immersion forest & patient image is under Evelyn, further down this page.
   For more info about the app, go to Therapeutic Dawn, via Swerve Pilot Project on the menu bar.
   MR - Mixed Reality.
   Before you check out the scenarios further below, here's a brief overview about MR.
   MR / Mixed Reality is the overlaying of immersive VR style digital space on top of the physical space around you, when wearing a VR headset.
   MR is created by having multiple cameras on a VR headset, where these cameras show you the room you are in, in the headset.
   There are significant and impactful therapeutic experiences that can be created with this.
   We will be integrating MR into Therapeutic Dawn, for certain experiences.
   More info about our MR experiences will be shared with our supporters and subscribers of the Swerve Network.     

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- A person in hospital, named Trevor, has our app on his phone or tablet, and listens to the gentle sound of waves.
  And then listens to the soothing voice of someone walking him thru a guided meditation around mindfulness and calm.
Lucy     Tyrone     Tanya
- A woman named Lucy in a nursing home has our app, & watches a short uplifting film on her tablet or laptop.
  She then then puts on her VR headset and visits her hometown of Dublin using our World Explore feature.
  Lucy invites her friend Tyrone, from her nursing home, to join her, and both of them see Lucy's hometown.
  Tyrone then chooses to go to Bali via our app, and shows Lucy where he went travelling 10 years ago.
  Lucy then invites a friend of hers, Tanya, to join them. She's a senior that lives at home in Portland, Oregon.
  Tanya might connect with them using her laptop, or her Augmented Reality Glasses.
  The 3 of them drink tea, tell stories, and have a wonderful time together.
  Of course, it would have been so enjoyable if they had been able to get together in person,
  but that was not going to be possible, until 7 months later.

  (Our World Explore feature will use panoramic 360 street view imagery data from a 3rd party.) 
Carla     Noah
- A patient named Carla, in an Intensive Care Unit, puts on a VR headset, & explores a beautiful virtual forest & lake.
  She invites her grandson, Noah, to join her in the forest using his own VR headset. Noah lives 1,000 miles from Carla.
  Noah puts up some photos & videos of their family. They both see them displayed in the forest.
  This inspires an interesting conversation about life, nature, family, and goofy things that Noah does.
- A therapist named Jennifer has a range of clients with various issues. Fear of spiders.  Fear of flying.  Terminal illness.

 She sometimes uses Therapeutic Dawn with her clients to augment and deepen the process.
 In her office, or remotely.
- Evelyn is recovering in hospital in Toronto from major surgery.  She will be there for 2 weeks.
 The hospital room she is staying in is relatively plain.
 Some people recovering in hospital experience anxiety, discomfort, and depression. 
 Evelyn sometimes uses Therapeutic Dawn with a VR headset to uplift her spirits, and distract her from days that seem very long.
 Her favourite explore is this forest scene in the 2nd image below.

 Evelyn finds the Therapeutic Dawn VR Forest experience deeply immersive and uplifting.
 She sometimes simply listens to the forest sounds, or she will listen to music.
 She does this on her own, or sometimes has someone from her family, or her friend Dina, go into the forest with her.
 They sometimes do this with her when they visit her in her hospital room, as Evelyn has 2 VR headsets.
 Or they join her in the forest using a headset they put on in their homes.
 This is extra special for her wonderful friend Dina, as Dina lives 15,000 kilometres away in Sydney, Australia.
- Additional features & experiences will be integrated into the app.
Info about these features & experiences, and access to the alpha app,
will be available for our Network subscribers, and our Supporters & Sponsors,
during the 2 phases of the Therapeutic Dawn Pilot Project.



    Therapeutic Dawn Realtime 3D explore.
    This environment is currently being tested in Swerve.Land for upcoming use in Therapeutic Dawn.