R&D   +   Build
Swerve.Land leads the Swerve R&D and Build division. Core ideas, research & dev tests begin in Swerve.Land.
Therapeutic Dawn & Swerve.Land are working closely together in developing/building the upcoming Therapeutic Dawn app.
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  Short films & personalized short films that give you a boost, inspire, or relax you.
  Indigo : More info about our upcoming personalized short film will be posted here.

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BlueWaterHeadRen1Network2020HomeSliderT8-767x574.jpg    Swerve.Land app & short films.   Burn hot, burn bright.
- Part of the Swerve Pilot Project.  In early stage development.  Omni Screen + VR & AR..
Presence is the current working title for this initiative.
More info about the upcoming Swerve.Land app will be first shared with our Swerve Network subscribers,
and with our supporters and sponsors of the Swerve Pilot Project.