R&D   +   Build
Swerve.Land leads the Swerve R&D and Build division. Core ideas, research & dev tests begin in Swerve.Land.
Therapeutic Dawn & Swerve.Land are working closely together in developing/building the upcoming Therapeutic Dawn app.
  Explore +.
  Short films & personalized short films that give you a boost, inspire, or relax you.    Indigo skies soothe softly. 

   Swerve.Land   ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2.png.
BlueWaterHeadRen1Network2020HomeSliderT8-767x574.jpg    Swerve.Land app & short films.   Burn hot, burn bright.
- Part of the Swerve Pilot Project.  In early stage development.  Omni Screen + VR & AR..
Imagination is the current working title for this initiative.
Our focus is :  Culture        Communication        Society        Edu        Play        Nature        Wild.
The Swerve.Land Imagination project is experiential & research oriented..
If you or your org or company are involved in communications of any kind,
then the work & play we will be creating here may be of interest, or strong interest, to you.
More details coming here soon.
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