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Engage with Swerve Bonfire for strategic, tactical, and/or creative impact.
Or engage with Swerve Bonfire for potent clarity, useful shifts of perception, and energetic boosts.
Our Vivid process and Flow process bring impactful results for people, professionals, companies, and Orgs.
Our Vivid process adds a fresh perspective to your focus and priorities,
including when you are exploring or expanding opportunities, or facing challenges.
We engage thru deep & active listening, reflection, and elevated & dynamic conversations.
For people, professionals or companies interested, we offer an additional awareness oriented grounding process,
that increases mental acuity, inner strength and inner clarity. We call this process Flow.
Flow is very simple, and also powerful. The initial introduction to Flow takes 3 to 5 minutes.
Swerve Bonfire sessions are generally done via phone, zoom, text/email, or in VR/Virtual Reality.
Your time is valuable.  Sessions range from 5 to 10 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes, or 30 to 40 minutes.  Longer, when needed.
* Session fees are listed further down this page.
VR / MR.
Alongside of our Vivid and Flow process, we also offer VR/virtual reality & MR/mixed reality explores.
These are useful to get an initial feel for VR/MR, and to take deeper dives into the potential of VR/MR.
...  Click here to see the Swerve Bonfire intro film.  A minute and a half long. Draft version 1.02..
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                      Part of Swerve Bonfire's revenue goes to support Therapeutic Dawn. .   

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Swerve Bonfire Rates :
We recommend short sessions be explored at least once or twice a week, for a few weeks.
We've discovered that sometimes a short engagement of time is very effective.
Or, that a text or email can have strong impact, in addition to having a zoom or phone call. 

* We offer sliding scale/discounted rates, to meet the needs of a range of budgets.
Contact us for more info, if you want a discounted rate.

Personal & Professional :

Precise   :        5 minutes.                    $20.

Burst      :      10 minutes.                     $30.

Brook     :      20 minutes.                     $60.

Stream  :       40 minutes.                   $100.

River     :       60 minutes.                   $160.

Business & Orgs :

Precise   :        5 minutes.                    $25.

Burst      :      10 minutes.                     $50.

Brook     :      20 minutes.                     $80.

Stream  :       40 minutes.                   $150.

River     :       60 minutes.                   $220.

We are huge fans of trees, nature, wild spaces/wilderness, and planet Earth.
We donate $ to Trees.Org based on our sessions, and the related personal/professional or business fees. 

Burst      :        3 to 7 trees planted.

Brook     :        7 to 15 trees planted.

Stream   :       20 to 25 trees planted.

River      :       30 to 35 trees planted.



You are the beginning of indescribable transformation.