Important                Therapeutic Dawn
    Inner bonfire burns bright.    Outer bonfire burns bright.

Josh here.
With grit, relentlessness, grace & gratitude,... we continue to advance Therapeutic Dawn further.
To bring uplift, inspiration and good vibes to people with major and sometimes catastrophic health challenges.
This is our calling and deep purpose.
As well, we are very actively getting the word out about our vision,.in part,
to find people who resonate with who we are, and what we are advancing & accelerating here.
If what we are doing resonates with you,... we are actively looking for supporters..
We want to swiftly raise some additional $ funds to accelerate Phase 1 of our Pilot Project.
If you decide to support our project, we appreciate this in deep & profound ways.
/ Josh 
Below is a rough early stage sketch/creative rendering of one of the virtual cottages
we will be building for patients & caregivers & researchers who will be involved in phase 1 of our pilot project.
They will be able to explore the cottage on their own, or meet their friends and families there,
and also explore the lake and surrounding forest, using VR headsets, and on large screens.
And of course, virtual canoes, paddle boats, solar powered motor boats / jet skis will be available.
All our watercrafts/boats will also having flying capabilities.  Fun, eh.