Swerve Manifesto     

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       Life    :    Journey    :    Now.

Welcome to Swerve.
The origins of what we are building come out of various explorations & experiences that the founder has had over the last 35+ years.
Primarily related to mindfulness, inquiry, adventure, creativity, awareness, pain, pleasure, enlightenment, compassion,
healing, the opening of the heart & mind...   experiences related to life & death...  & the vitality of the present moment.

The human experience is rich, complex, sometimes challenging/very challenging, mysterious, profound & wonderful.
Earth is our home that we share with the rest of the living beings here.
Transformative  :     Kindness             Awareness             Respect             Action

There is significant change happening. In the external world, and in each person's internal world.
The paradigm of hate and violence is an old, harmful, dangerous,... and broken path. 

Kindness, wisdom, peace and love are emerging and expanding,... in the midst of the current intense zeitgeist.
Each of us can make a positive difference, in our own unique ways.
There are 8 billion humans here. And many many billions of animals. And trillions + of living plants and insects.
The zeitgeist or the pulse of things is a very complex phenomena.
Earth is an amazing planet.  There are many people and groups who are making things better.    

Therapeutic Dawn       Swerve.Land

These initiatives of ours are being created, advanced & built to inspire, and look at things in new ways.
Uplift the human spirit, motivate positive action & transformation.
Film, music, sound, and the written word can be powerful, revealing, and are potent.
When they are infused within linear and/or interactive media,...
and when combined with XR VR & AR, new powerful paradigms & experiences are created.

Therapeutic Dawn  ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2-1.png
Swerve's healthcare and wellness focus is a vital part of the Core of what we are advancing.
When one can bring uplift, or relief, or reduce suffering, this is good.
Healthcare :  Wellness : personal story.

About 8 years ago, a person that I was very close to, collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital.
He spent 6 months in hospital, and then moved to a long term acute care facility.
He was diagnosed with ALS, and we were told by his doctor that this is a terminal illness.

My wife and I visited him pretty much every week, for the last 8 years. (Except during various Covid restrictions & lockdowns.)
He died in October, 2022.  He was a lovely man, and had a wonderful presence.
Near the end of his life, He was almost fully paralyzed, on a vent 24/7, fed via gtube, and was losing his voice.
His spirit still burnt bright, and his smile lit up the room in an incredible way.

Over about 7 and a half years, I met many wonderful people that live in the same acute care facility.
A number of them are or were quite paralyzed or severely paralyzed.
Some spend much of their waking hours lying in a bed. Basically, not moving.
Sometimes just able to move their eyes, or they make minor facial expressions.
From my experience,... , these are very vibrant, sensitive, intelligent and aware human beings.

I showed a relatively simple VR experience to someone I had gotten to know there, who had quite severe paralysis.
He was amazed and inspired by the experience.
It was a powerful experience to see, hear and feel his positive reaction.
One of the things he said is that VR has a role to play in healthcare & wellness.
The ongoing research and companies integrating XR VR & AR into healthcare & wellness reflect what he said.

I've also had experiences with people close to me who are experiencing or have experienced :
Significant anxiety/stress, cancer, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, terminal illness & palliative. 
Our Therapeutic Dawn mandate is to create uplifting & beneficial experiences for people with these conditions,
and for their loved ones and caregivers.  And beyond that.

ButterFlyBlueV6XCroppedBrighterSM2.png  My paddle swift & wide, flashing like silver,
Swift as the wild goose goes, dip, dip and swing,
dip, dip and swing.

Love, respect & gratitude towards T, L, Z, W, B, S, A, and many others..
- Swerve / Josh. .

        Core :.
                   Inner Strength          Awareness          Creative          Appreciation

                          Recovery Assist          Empowerment          Feelin' Good

                                    Courage          Compassion          Wonderful

                                                       Uplift              Grace