Uplift             Grace             Therapeutic XR             Swerve.Land  :  An Immersive Virtual World.

     Presence     Transformation     Entertainment     Empowerment     Delight    &    Awe.
      We create films, writing, imagery and
 engaging & immersive XR VR & AR experiences..

      We are artists, designers, thinkers, builders, coders, researchers & strategists.
        Essentials  :  Foresight, gut & intuition, direct experience, data, agility, timing, & strategic..
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     Initiatives      :      Uplift             Grace             Therapeutic XR             Swerve.Land 
Current Priorities :   1. Two short films :     Life      Explore      2. Therapeutic XR      3.  ALS Advocacy.
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Some areas of this website take pretty deep dives into various aspects of what we are building.
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     - Check out our Overview section.  Under Info on the menu..